Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas Flashback

Exchanging family gifts the night before Santa comes.
 I wanted to recap our Christmas before it gets too terribly far from December. The Archibald family Christmas came early this year since we were travelling to Alabama. I was not about to haul Santa gifts that far and back AND risk the chance of leaving something behind. So, in this day of electronics, we "emailed" Santa nicely asking him if he could come visit our home a few days early this Christmas. As nice as Santa is, he gladly obliged our request.

Cora's first Christmas of unwrapping gifts...she loved it!
Our Christmas Eve was the Friday before Christmas. We did our normal exchange of family gifts. Now I don't feel that our children need any more things, but I do believe they need to practice giving gifts. So, we draw names and everyone gets to go shopping with Mom or Dad to pick something out for the person they drew. (I just want to insert that Mom did all the shopping this year. was a feat. Dad was uber busy with work and school...poor guy had no time, so he's off the hook.) It's fun to see them picking something for their brother or sister. They get really excited. Then the not so excited comes when they can't pick something for themselves at the same time. That's the lesson I want to teach. Anyway, it was fun.

At 2, Kipp is realizing Christmas means trees, gifts, candy, special songs and lots of fun.
Christmas for us Archibald's was so much fun...especially for Mom. And I mean it. The shopping was a bit hectic, but I love how much our children enjoy the entire season. And they love hearing and watching the Nativity story.

Santa makes it a have to find all your gifts, no easy access piles here.
But I'm not going to lie...they love their presents.

Isla got her very own tea set just like her cousins Kallie and Evie.
Santa and his elves(aka Blasen. I've done all the shopping and wrangling and hiding, it's his contribution) wraps our gifts, if Mom leaves out paper and supplies. Some might be surprised I even mention it, but I do because it's one of those family traditions that differs family to family. Blasen's family always had wrapped gifts....which I can't imagine since there are 10 kids in his family.

Bliss and Zade finally had their request for an XBox granted. 
My family did not always have wrapped gifts. Actually, it wasn't until I was in high school and my baby sister, Elizabeth, made the request for wrapped gifts. Blasen was shocked when I first mentioned not wrapping gifts several years ago. It was unheard of. So, that's when he became Santa's little elf on Christmas Eve.

Cora so loved unwrapping gifts. She liked it more than the gifts. 
We haven't reached the point yet where our children wake super early to unwrap gifts. This is really nice and convenient because Blasen and I are up late and there's no going back to sleep once everyone is up. Cora actually slept later than everyone. Her brothers and sister were just dying for her to open her gifts and she happily obliged when she woke up. She just loved being allowed to tear all that paper.

Kipp got his big boy bike AND helmet which he wore around the house almost all day.
Kipp got his very own big boy bicycle. And I became one of those moms that lets their child ride bikes in the house...but only for a few days and now it's in the garage for outdoor use only. If we didn't have carpet in our basement playroom, I would likely let the little ones have their bikes and riding toys in the house all winter.

Cora likes Kipp's bike just as much as he does. 
We went back and forth over whether or not to get Kipp a bike. It can be not so fun and exciting to get a gift that you can't use outside for the next 5 months. But we went ahead since he really wanted one. Sometimes, I pull the car out of the garage and let Kipp and Isla ride bikes when it's not so terribly cold.

Isla and I had a royal tea party after breakfast. 
Everyone enjoyed our early Christmas. They loved loading up two days later to head to Alabama even though we got a ton of snow that weekend and they were going to miss out on sledding. We assured them there will be PLENTY of snow the rest of the winter. And we've been right so far!

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nowellmama said...

I bought and wrapped everything this year except my own presents of course, but I bought some of those too heee. crazy year. we always wrapped presents and my mom would go crazy making sure the money and presents were even and I do that to an extent which drives me crazy. she also would wrap socks up and shirt separately and pants separately. uhh no i just usually shove it together and call it done. NOt so christmas spirit by then, but more of a job done. got to change my thinking. glad u got to go to alabama. hoping again this summer and dec since time to baptize kowen in the fall. wish to vacation somewhere else for once, but family is important. lol